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ARNI method - general information:
The ARNI method is a specific training developed by clinical and university researches for survivors of stroke, survivors of brain injuries, based on self-controlled strategy.

The ARNI method is up to date. Research is continuously going on regarding the method and the most effective procedures of it. Several research centers, hospitals and universities are examining the topic in the UK. It is a widely understood fact, that stroke is followed by an intense physical disability.

By using the ARNI method, participants and patients can overcome their fears and effectively improve their self-confidence.

The patient, treated by the ARNI method, learns how to sit up and stand up in a very short period of time. Thus, he gains psychical strenght, which helps him to continue the excersices, that at most of the times, require huge willpower and intension.

When elaborating the ARNI method, our aim was to work out excercises that do not cause pain and that help patients to get back to their functional, active everyday life as soon as possible. Where they can directly experience, that getting dressed becomes easier day by day, that they are able to walk without any medical aids, that they can raise their arms, they can sign their names and they are able to continue their hobbies, which delights them.

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