STROKE Neuro Rehab Workshop

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STROKE Neuro Rehab Workshop goals and information:

The STROKE Neuro Rehab Workshop’s main goal is to introduce and educate as many stroke survivors and patients with brain injuries of this effective method of practice, with positive results which can contribute to a faster and fuller recovery.

During the course:
- We introduce and teach practical and developmental training and technical training for our patients.
These techniques when applied at home, contribute to the patient’s own physical strengthening and development. Each year we hold 2-3 day long courses usually on long weekends quarterly. These courses hold approx. 15 to 20 (up to 25), stroke survivors, 1 family member per survivor and ARNI instructors who assist 3 patients each during a course day.

Lightweight loose athletic wear is recommended. During the course we mainly focus on practical training.

To inquire, you can do so through our Facebook group or by contactingGabriella Pásztor .We are prepared to provide you with detailed information about the following scheduled course dates and course locations.

Applications will be accepted in the order of receipt, and up to the maximum number per course.

Thanks to this new method, we receive a lot of positive feedback from our patients and experience shows, that already many patients are committed to this form of therapy. We are updating feedback continuously to share with you.

During and after the Workshop, you can also view and order a series of full / complete English video series (currently in English) of the ARNI method. You can also order it through our web shop BY CLICKING HERE!

You can apply for a Hungarian workshop by prior arrangement. In order to maintain effective education, the number of applications are limited so all participants have the opportunity to master the skills properly. The organizers are launching new intensive courses on a quarterly basis. Applications are taken by e-mail at or through the ARNI method - STROKE survivors Facebook group.

Location: Budapest VIII. district Apáthy I. u. 12  
Date: 2018 December 14 - 15 - 16
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