ARNI Method

ARNI is an institute focusing on the rehabilitation of neurological injuries, aiming an important task to provide methods and techniques for stoke survivors by which they can overcome the consequences of their brain injuries.

The Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI) is an international charity which provides important support for stroke survivors by offering self-rehabilitating, specific, task orientated functional training and individual coping strategies in order to achieve functional rehabilitation. This special training course, endorsed by the UK Stroke Forum for Education and Training (UK Stroke Network, NECVN & Beds & Herts Heart & Stroke Network), was created for therapists and professional practitioners who developed post-stroke functional rehabilitation and training programs in the field of theoretical and practical know-how and experience.

Stroke Neuro Rehab

STROKE NEURO REHAB has qualified trainers to conduct the Functional Rehabilitation Training (FRETS).

Our goal is to reach as many people in Hungary as possible, to raise awareness and to have recognition for this functional, unusual training. We have established a center in Budapest and we are now working to establish similar centers across the country. It is vital to monitor the development of stroke survivors and other patients affected by diseases of the nervous system, and to organize a workshop for their rehabilitation where practical training is also taught professionally.
Once a patient leaves the hospital’s stroke ward, in-hospital rehabilitation comes to an end. We make it possible for patients to receive professional rehabilitative care following their release from hospital, to ensure patients recover further.

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The method is not included in the Hungarian national vocational training list, neither in the low of higher education, nor in other provisions, as qualification, medical qualification or higher forms of health care qualification or those that are based on these latter. In the lack of these, and in the lack of legislations specifically regulating these, it cannot be qualified in medical sense as an activity that belongs to the scope of medical practice, as a medical cure. It cannot be qualified according to the Hungarian legislations as a medical qualification neither as a health care activity that can be done based on a tertiary qualification, as a health service subject to a special permission. With respect to all these, this method can exclusively be offered and used for improving physical and psychological well-being. If you – against the provided information – also hope for healing from an illness or expect considerable improvement and it does not occur, it means that this method, alone, is unsuitable to fulfil such requirements.

ARNI is a functional training and not a therapy!

What does ARNI offer?
- ARNI offers a continuous recovery process following in-hospital care.
- Proves wrong the general misconception of stroke survivors not being able to walk or use their hands.
- Allows patients the experience and success of self-trained rehabilitation. - ARNI provides a tailor-made training program aimed at achieving independence, with the combination of re-learning techniques and a combination of other vital interventions.
- The core of the ARNI method is that it applies a variety of techniques. While in the ARNI program, the patient’s mobility, movement, motor control, strength and self-confidence strengthen and evolve.
Goal: To achieve independence with early focus on mobility.
• ARNI also has numerous psychological benefits. It delivers confidence, hope for stroke survivors to be able to achieve more than they would imagine.

The motto of ARNI is:
- Use or lose! Where there is a will, there is a way!
- Use and develop! What we practice, gets better with time!
- We have to practice what we want to see develop! Adequate repetition numbers - to allow the brain to make changes. It is our dedicated goal to teach our patients, that with the help of the ARNI method, they can achieve their own recovery.
• With the conscious control of their actions, they can return to their everyday active life much sooner. They can walk further and longer with functional restoration of their limbs.
Survivors receive a tool, a method to allow them to know what to do in order to achieve a faster and more successful recovery.

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